We at Preventive Medicine believe our mission is to provide you with thorough, appropriate, responsible and responsive health care.  Beyond providing care during illness, we emphasize working with you to encourage preventive maintenance on your body.  After all, shouldn't you give yourself better care than you do your house or car?  You can replace your car or your house, but not your body.  Don't wait until signs of trouble before taking preventive measures.

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  • One stop shopping, I was able to get my blood work results the same day and had my ultrasound and bone density testing done without going to any other facility.My experience was absolutely wonderful!

    Sandy Barone
  • I have been a patient of Preventive Medicine for many years. I find the doctors and staff friendly and very professional. The service they provide is outstanding, virtually no waiting.

    Ed Lukowski
  • My entire family has been going to this practice for years. We love the first class treatment we receive from our provider. They are able to see me the same day if I'm sick.

    Ben Benson
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